Why We Use Yoga Sock

- Jan 08, 2019 -

1. Some studio is cold in winter ,when you exercise yoga ,you can wear yoga socks.

2.Yoga socks can protect your feet.Most yoga studios have a strict no shoe policy for the studio floor. If the thought of walking barefoot on a grimy floor offers you heebie jeebies then yoga socks area unit an excellent thanks to shield your feet from mud and dirt.

3.It is Hygienic . There area unit some nasty germs on athletic facility floors. I don’t walk round the athletic facility showers while not my flip flops, why would I walk on the studio floor while not protection?

4.Cover Up. Some folks simply don’t wish to be barefoot, or their feet to get on show. or even you have got a tattoo on your feet that you’re undecided others would appreciate? 

5.Staying within the moment. Yoga is regarding being gift on your mat. that may generally be tough if you’re puzzling over your feet slippy and unwittingly doing the splits. Or if you’re puzzling over however cold your feet area unitAmerican state|on behalf of American statecarrying yoga socks takes me out of my very own head and anxieties and helps bring me gift on the mat.


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