What Is Yoga Ball

- Jan 09, 2019 -

Yoga balls are also called fitness balls or yoga exercise balls.


It is a ball game tool for fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC material. 

When you use yoga ball, the inflatable exercise ball will producing a massage effect of the boday which is beneficial to promote blood circulation. 

Ball yoga is a new kind of fitness exercise which combines the elasticity and rolling of ball according to the traditional yoga posture method.

Compared with traditional yoga, ball yoga is more interesting, it can help to exercise the balance of the body, enhance the ability to control the muscles, improve the flexibility and coordination of the body. Add movement to the sphere to increase difficulty. 

Yoga ball can also do a lot of stretching exercise, not only to avoid muscle pain, but also massage, when people use it, it will be very good massage to the human body,relieve tension. However, using yoga balls is more difficult for beginners. It takes some time to practice to make the big ball more flexible, which requires more practice.

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