What Is The Difference Of Yoga Towel

- Jan 04, 2019 -

  1. The weight of the yoga towel is different. The same composition of the fabric, the cost of thicker  one will be higer .You can ask the seller, the weight of yoga towel. The thick towel is 380 grams weight, the thin 300 grams weight .The gram here refers to each square meter of weight, in grams for the unit of measurement. Generally speaking, the weight of yoga napkin is 360 g / ㎡ before gelatinization, 550-600 g / ㎡ per piece after glue.

  2. Anti-skid particles on yoga towel are relatively full.

  3. Strong sense of grasp of the ground, strong anti-slip.

  4. The towel fabric warp yarn and weft yarn are one-class super-fine fiber with uniform dyeing.

  5.  Eight high-elastic polyester lines are used to lock the edges. They are beautiful, strong and durable. General manufacturers use six or even four locking edges and fake polyester, the edges loose and not beautiful. 


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