Note The Use Of The Hula Hoop Fitness Equipment

- Aug 04, 2016 -

Earlier, media reported that the motion was carried hula hoop half an hour later, suddenly felt pain in the left abdomen, accompanied by cold sweats, vomiting and other symptoms in the morning exercising. After the motion stops, the symptoms did not reduce but increased gradually, after the hospital diagnosed as spleen rotates hula hoop rupture caused by bleeding, after surgical treatment to rehabilitate.

When the hula hoop swinging strike the abdomen, organs (such as kidney, etc.) back inside, too heavy hula hoop relative impact strength is relatively large, the time of purchase, pay attention to the selection of moderate weight, to avoid injuring internal organs. In fact, weight and exercise performance hula hoop is not much, but the heavier hula hoop at the beginning of the moment, it takes greater effort swinging, after coasting is to do, and can not consume excess calories, want a more slimming effect obviously, the focus is to exercise duration long enough.

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