10:00 Precautions For Safe Use Of The Treadmill

- Aug 04, 2016 -

1, in the health club before any exercise, have to do physical tests, if you have a disease or a history of drug allergy, you need to have a doctor's certificate. Safety is always first.

2, wear appropriate clothing, especially sports shoes, be sure to choose a pair of comfortable shoes fit.

3, before starting motion feet to stand on both sides of the foot part of the treadmill, and the emergency brake clip holder to the garment. When everything is ready, the treadmill begins to turn time, and then put your feet treadmill table, if it is the first time, we need to help handle hands on both sides.

4, before using the treadmill treadmill placed first check whether stable, countertops is dry.

5, when the movement of the eyes to look ahead, do not suddenly turned, not to look back, otherwise you will lose the balance.

6. Do not pour running on a treadmill, or doing some dangerous moves.

7, if your balance is not good, not when running heavy hand.

8, if you weigh more than 140 kg, it is not to "torture" the treadmill.

9, at the end of training to make their own heart rate dropped to 120 beats per minute or less can press the stop button.

10, the next treadmill when we have to wait countertops to a complete stop, many accidents are occurred at the end of the movement

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