Hollow Durable Foam Roller For Yoga Pilates And Massage

The foam roller is made of EVA foam, more durable than standard polypropylene.

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1. Quality—— We have professional technology team, advanced production equipment and comprehensive management mode .We are expert in quality control and production efficiency.

2. Services——We are focus on pre - market after - sales service.Any question ,we will give you professional answer in 24 hours.

3. Experience—— More than 10 years' professional experience.

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1.Versatile and Convenient: whether you lift weights, play football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or if youare a runner or practice any sport, this roller will help you recover faster by working out the kinks and knots in your muscles.

2.Durable and Extra Firm: The foam roller is made of EVA foam, more durable than standard polypropylene.Resilient and high density EVA foam; durable and stays dry from sweat. Moreover,the foam roller is very easy to clean - just wipe down with a clean rag disinfectant.

3.Color as follow:


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    Suzhou Aiflex Sports Co.,LTD. is a fitness accessories manufacturer.We have been in this line for over 10 years.We manufacturer all kinds of fitness equipment including workout gloves, neoprene supports, weighted vests, power bags, resistance tubes, thermal wears, agility training equipment and other fitness accessories. 

    As one of the top manufacture of fitness accessories in China,we know clearly what the trends are and how to achieve best quality yet still keep a competitive price. Besides, we always try our best for a quick response to customers and help them solve problems. Trusted by customers, we source other fitness accessories for them to combine in the shipment. Customers can always find excellent products within their target prices from our factory. 

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As one of the leading and experienced hollow durable foam roller for yoga pilates and massage manufacturers and suppliers in China, AIFLEX specializes in manufacturing high quality hollow durable foam roller for yoga pilates and massage in accordance to your requirements. Various sizes and colors are also available, welcome to place an order.