High Density EVA Material Foam Roller With Cap For Releasing Muscle Tension

The surface of the foam roller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist.It efficiently reduce stiff muscles by targeting trigger points, which helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain.

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Product Details

OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Picture


OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.pngProduct Description

1.Foam Roller - High Density EVA,Deep Tissue Self-Massage is Cheaper than Physical Therapy Firm material provides a superior rolling experience.Many key areas of your body including: hamstrings, upper/lower back, shoulders, calves, delts,quads .

2.Release Muscle Tension - Massage and Stretch Muscles, Foam Rollers efficiently Reduce Stiff Muscles by Targeting Trigger Points.Provides muscle soreness relief, extra flexibility, swift injury recovery

3.Speed up Recovery - Foam Rolling increases Oxygen Flow which helps Muscle Recovery & Rehabilitation, Stimulates blood circulation and improves flexibility to reduce pain, speed recovery, and increase range of motion.

OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Details


OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Design

Design-With Cap


Design-Without Cap(Can also make )


OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Colors



As one of the leading and experienced high density eva material foam roller with cap for releasing muscle tension manufacturers and suppliers in China, AIFLEX specializes in manufacturing high quality high density eva material foam roller with cap for releasing muscle tension in accordance to your requirements. Various sizes and colors are also available, welcome to place an order.