3 In 1 Foam Roller

The 3 in 1 foam roller is made by Hard and soft density foam.It is Lightweight and compact for easy storage and travel.

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Product Details

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OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Description

1.3 in 1 foam roller -Hard and soft density foam.

2.Lightweight and compact for easy storage and travel, 5.5in X 18in.

3.Ideal for all types of sore muscles.

4.Muscle roller stick included.

5.Three muscle rollers for the price of one.


OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Details


  • Helps deepen challenging poses and maintain proper alignment.

  • Beveled edges and finished smoothly.

  • Mothproof, anti-crack, no distortion and non-degumming.

  • Popular yoga tool not only practical but also ornamental.

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As one of the leading and experienced 3 in 1 foam roller manufacturers and suppliers in China, AIFLEX specializes in manufacturing high quality 3 in 1 foam roller in accordance to your requirements. Various sizes and colors are also available, welcome to place an order.