• Heavy Power Jump Rope

    Heavy Power Jump Rope

    The Weighted jump rope made of solid rubber with padded PVC handles.The Weight is evenly distributed throughout the rope.Swivel handles make the rope spin easier and reduce the stress on wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

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  • Heavy Adjustable Speed Jump Rope For Crossfit Workout

    Heavy Adjustable Speed Jump Rope For Crossfit Workout

    The Heavy Adjustable Speed Jump Rope is made of the finest quality materials, and has easily adjustable, weighted foam handles for better grip - won't slip even in the toughest workout.

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  • Weighted Jump Ropes

    Weighted Jump Ropes

    This Weighted Jump Rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. You are adding another dimension to your training by using this Weighted Jump Rope.

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  • Heavy Jump Ropes

    Heavy Jump Ropes

    Weight in this Heavy Jump Rope is all in the rope-not in the handles which makes people's workout comfortable and smooth. 1. Ball bearing handles for smooth rotation; 2. Two sliding rope adjustors make any rope length adjustment quick and easy. 3. Weight: 0.75lbs/1.25lbs; 4. Total Length:...

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