• Reaction Ball Quickness And Fitness Ball Hexagonal Ball Great For Training

    Reaction Ball Quickness And Fitness Ball Hexagonal Ball Great For Training

    Multi-directional bouncing ball designed to six faces, throwing or falling on a hard ground will produce unpredictable bounce direction, and the need for centralized and rapid response to catch the ball.

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  • Spike Massage Ball

    Spike Massage Ball

    Spike Massage BallĀ Helps to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from pain. Perfect for deep tissue massage throughout the body.

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  • Pilates Balancing Spiky Exercise Ball

    Pilates Balancing Spiky Exercise Ball

    The balance Spiky Exercise Ball can be used for a number of exercises that can help with balance, coordination, body toning and posture improvement; The balance pods feature tactile bumps, and can either be used with the dome side up, or down, for varied levels of difficulty; Arrange in any position and step from one side to another

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  • Medicine Balls

    Medicine Balls

    The Medicine Ball is great for dynamic exercises, core exercises, partner workouts, squats, overhead presses balance and more. The textured surface provides a better a grip. 1.Weights: 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb; 20lb; 2.2kg,3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg,9kg, 10kg; 3.Material: 100% Rubber;...

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  • Mini Yoga Ball

    Mini Yoga Ball

    The soft pilates Mini Stability Ball Use in full-body exercises and to tone problem areas.It is Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free,easily slips into a suitcase or carry-on for travel.

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  • Anti-burst Exercise Stability Ball

    Anti-burst Exercise Stability Ball

    The Anti-burst Exercise Stability Ball ball is 65cm diameter.It looks special with the two colors.Can also add logo on the ball if you need.The material is environmental PVC.

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  • Dural Grip Medicine Ball

    Dural Grip Medicine Ball

    The Dural Grip Medicine Ball is Great for flexibility and movement exercises.It is made by durable rubber.

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  • Rubber Medicine Ball Exercise Strength Training Ball

    Rubber Medicine Ball Exercise Strength Training Ball

    The Medicine ball exercise can make your strength improved by taking diverse weights of medicine ball. The medicine ball workouts include lunges, squats, slams, single-leg V-ups, kneel to push ups and other strength trainings; thus stretching your muscle and improving your strength. Plyopmetric and core training can be more effective via using different weights of medicine ball.

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  • Slam Balls

    Slam Balls

    This Slam balls can be used for standard weight-lifting exercises in place of free weights and for dynamic exercises that involve an increased cardiovascular aspect. Slam balls are also effective for athletic training because they improve muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye.

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