• Bamboo Blocks

    Bamboo Blocks

    This eco friendly lightweight, durable bamboo block is a perfect tool for additional support during transitions and poses.

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  • Foam Blocks

    Foam Blocks

    This Foam Yoga Block is made of high-density EVA and comes at 2 sizes: 3"X6"X9" (7.6*15.2*22.8CM) & 4"x6"x9" (10.1*15.2*22.8CM); The high density foam and anti-slip surface can provide outstanding support for yoga. 1. Material: EVA; 2. Color: blue, black,...

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  • Cork Blocks

    Cork Blocks

    This Cork Yoga Block is made from natural material. It is a perfect tool to help increase flexibility level, deepen stretches and make some difficult poses possible.

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