Why We Use Yoga Block

- Dec 17, 2018 -

For beginners, yoga props can help yoga primaries to complete poses that can't be completed in general, and the use of props does not allow the body to work beyond its own ability, so that the body receives minimal pressure. Yoga brick is a light, cheap, but very easy to use yoga aids. It can assist yoga practice, make it easier for practitioners to do the corresponding asana, thus more enjoy the process of practice.

Then why we use yoga block ?

1.Increase length

For beginners in yoga, if the body is stiff and flexibility is poor, many asana will not be able to achieve the "standard" distance and position. At this time, yoga bricks are needed to increase the length. For example, the lower dog type, upper dog type and reinforced side stretch type all increase the length of the exercises through yoga bricks to make the practice more effective.

2. Increase balance 

In the standing pose of yoga, there is a lot of asana need balance ability, in the early stage of yoga practice, if the balance ability is relatively poor, then you can borrow yoga bricks to help you maintain a balanced complete asana, such as the moon in the picture above. Warrior type 3 and side-stretch twist, both borrowed yoga bricks to help the body balance, thus better performing asana.

3. Deepening asana 

For some teachers and students who have been doing yoga for a long time, they usually use yoga bricks to help deepen yoga asana. In the same asana, different experiences and effects are found, such as the horse-riding style in the picture above. Bridge and standing forward-forward stretch, both through yoga bricks to deepen the pose, thus obtaining a different experience.

4. Auxiliary relaxation

In yoga practice, the use of yoga bricks to help relax is a very happy thing for all of us, because yoga bricks make us more comfortable, more in-depth, and make it easier to forget fatigue. Quick body recovery, as shown in the small bridge, supine bundles, and supine spine twists, are assisted by yoga bricks to make relaxation easier and more comfortable.

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