Why Are Yoga Mats So Exepnsive

- Dec 01, 2018 -

Why is there such a variety within the value of yoga mats? Is there very a difference? square measure costlier mats better?

All yoga mats claim to possess a non-slip surface, however some have additional grip than others. the smallest amount costly mats square measure known as “sticky mats” as a result of they need a rather sticky surface that creates it easier to carry your feet and hands in situ. If you’re making an attempt yoga for the primary time, a sticky mat is that the most economical alternative at around $15 or $20. you almost certainly don’t need to drop $50 for a mat if you’re unsure you’re planning to stick to yoga (no pun intended). Sticky mats will lose their “stick” over time, and if your feet and hands sweat, they still might not offer you the traction you wish. Gaiam.com could be asafe bet for an honest sticky mat. they need a range of designs and thicknesses, and also the quality is pretty tight. The thickness you decide on depends on personal preference. the standard mat is sometimes 3/16″ thick. The extra-thick yoga mats is ¼” or 5/16″ thick. I like a agent mat, however others could sort of a thicker mat to cushion the knees and spine in move and back-lying poses.

If you apply Bikram or hot yoga, you'll would like a specially-designed yoga towel to travel over your mat. A yoga towel is intended to sop up sweat, whereas providing you with a grippy surface.

The wide value distinction appears to spring from the fabric of the mat. Less-expensive mats usually contain polyvinylchloride (PVC). PVC isn't environmentally-friendly. The costlier mats square measure PVC-free, made up of natural rubber or natural fibers like ocean grass or jute. These natural substances give higher traction than PVC, plus, they're environmentally-friendly. Natural mats square measure sturdy, and their traction doesn’t appear to diminish over time. Sticky mats got to get replaced additional usually than natural mats.

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