What Is The Material Of Yoga Block

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Yoga bricks are usually made of three materials, EVA ,Crok and banboo. 

Yoga bricks made by EVA have a sealed foaming structure, good elasticity, good skid resistance, and do not deform even under the weight of a car. 

The cork made of yoga bricks feel good, function is good, suitable for yoga lovers to buy. 

The  EVA material yoga block, not too heavy, and tasteless anti-slip, very easy to use. So when you choose, try to choose this material. Of course, some yoga brick is made of foam, this material is too light, after the use of the effect is not very good. 

Yoga bricks can help us support different parts of the body and avoid tension in other parts of the body due to poor softness or lack of muscle strength (if you don't have yoga bricks you can use thicker books instead).

 Yoga bricks are auxiliary tools for yoga movements. The main prevention is to do high difficult movement when strain. There are some movements in yoga posture that require full extension of your arm or waist to the ground. The adjunct helps you stretch your pelvis, then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, gradually completing the perfect actions of self-softness, extension and so on. In order to get the absolute standard of action, use yoga bricks to help.

 For the choice of yoga brick material, you can choose according to their actual situation. Only when you choose to be suitable for yourself can you achieve the effect of using it.

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