What Is The Benefits Of Yoga Mat Towel

- Jan 03, 2019 -

1. Spread the yoga mat to absorb the sweat. To know that when doing yoga exercise, the body will discharge a large amount of sweat, drop on the yoga mat, resulting in paste uncomfortable situation, this time can use this super absorbent towel spread on the yoga mat, effective adsorption of sweat.    


2. Prevent the inhalation of bacteria on yoga mats and prevent certain facial movements approaching yoga mats and inhaling bacteria or dust mites.    


3. The capillary adsorption effect of ultrafine fiber makes the fabric have the characteristics of quick water absorption and fast drying. 


4. Anti-skid particles on the back, can make the towel fixed on the mat without sliding, effectively assist the extension and balance of yoga, improve the safety and comfort of the exercise. In the process of movement, the bump of rubber particles on the soles of feet, back has a good massage effect, promote blood circulation.    


5. Light weight, multi-purpose, easy to carry.        


6. Machine washable, easy to clean.

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