Use Fitness Equipment

- Aug 04, 2016 -

1, step by step

The development of anything and there is a certain regularity stage. Beginning of exercise practitioners, in order to ensure safety, in addition to instrument instructions, but also pay attention to their age and physical condition and many other factors before use. Best practice under the guidance of a physician, coach. Sustained exercise, physical fitness in order to achieve the desired purpose.

2, pay attention to scientific and rational approach

Each training session should have a certain order, the first warm-up exercise (preparations), or at low ambient temperature in winter is particularly important, we must take each articulation open. A small amount of sweat a little as well. Then relax and organize official sports movement. Formal training, pay attention to aerobic move when moving with the breath; if you want to lose weight to arrange multiple sets of the number of small, less if bodybuilders should set more times. High-intensity short-term training conducive to the development of strength and speed, long and moderate intensity endurance training is conducive to development.

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