Sit-ups Need To Meet The Right To Breathe

- Aug 04, 2016 -

At the same time, we should be doing sit-ups with a reasonable breathing, doing sit-ups, when the body flexion breath, inhale when supine. But if mechanically complete the entire process of breathing in the supine, would be detrimental to the completion of the action, and therefore, in order to improve the quality of the action, we must also focus on skills that the process begins to inhale sit back, shoulder and back touch pad instantly breath abdomen, upper body gradually lift, lift the upper body to the abdomen when there is a sense of expansion, rapid breath, pull down forward to complete the action.

Sit-ups can make use of exercise equipment, not just crunches board fitness equipment, who better to relieve muscle strain in the back fascia strain. A day's exercise groups received back a total of 60 times in the back will become easier. Of course, after that, the most important thing is to maintain the correct posture! And with the use of pull rope, will be able to play more good fitness results will help you to do before exercise stretch your muscles to avoid strain the tendon.

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