Is Yoga Towel Necessary

- Dec 24, 2018 -

Yoga towel is also one of the items in yoga suit. When you do outdoor yoga ,mountain yoga ,hot yoga  etc ,it is not very convenient to put on ordinary yoga mat.,at this time ,you can bring yoga towel.Because of its light weight, small size, and easy to take .

You can tile the ground or grass, lay the particles down, and you can easily practice yoga on top. When practicing yoga, the human body will discharge a large amount of sweat, and drops on the yoga mat will produce a sticky uncomfortable feeling. At this time, you can use a highly absorbent yoga towel spread on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat. Also has the bacteriostatic effect, prevents certain facial movement to close to the yoga mat and inhales the bacteria or the dust mite while practicing yoga.

 There are also anti-skid particles on the back, so that the yoga towel fixed on the mat without sliding, effectively assist in the stretching and balance of yoga, improve the safety and comfort of the exercise. In the process of movement, the bumps and bumps have a good massage effect on the soles of feet and back, promote blood circulation, can cooperate with the effective rolling combination of yoga posture, so that the body and mind can be completely relaxed.


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