How To Wash Yoga Towel

- Dec 21, 2018 -

How to wash yoga towel? Before we understand this problem, let's first look at the characteristics of Yoga towel spreading, which refers to a kind of 100% ultra-fine fiber towel, which is carefully woven using international high-tech nano-ultrafine fiber DTY, which absorbs water. 

The amount and speed of dust absorption is more than 10 times that of cotton towel, and the durability is 4 times higher than that of cotton towel.

 Yoga towel has soft, comfortable, bright color, no smell, no bacteria, no hair, no pilling, no silk, and so on. In addition to the superiority of the material, the backside of Yoga napkin is equipped with dot plastic points to prevent sliding particles, which effectively improves the weakness of the ordinary towel, and makes it have the advantages of anti-skid effect, clothing placard, anti-skid and so on.


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