How To Use Yoga Block

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Yoga bricks are a funding tool for yoga initiatives. Tension is a strain on the guard when it comes to making difficult moves. There are some moves in yoga posture that require full arm extension or lower waist impact on the ground. Funding bricks can help beginners stretch your pelvis, then adjust the distance between the yoga bricks and the ground step by step, gradually completing self-softness. 

Choose Yoga brick has the following 5 characteristics 

1, The usual specification is 3"*6"*9" or 4"*6"*9";

2, Anti-slip, waterproof, environmental protection and non-toxic;

3 Flexible and crack resistant, lightweight and durable;

4, Follow the rules to improve the flexibility of the body;

5, Help each movement to reach the required precision.



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