How To Use Yoga Block

- Dec 10, 2018 -

Yoga bricks are auxiliary tools for yoga movements. The main prevention is to do high difficult movement when strain. There are some movements in yoga posture that require full extension of your arm or waist to the ground. The adjunct helps you stretch your pelvis, then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, gradually completing the perfect actions of self-softness, extension and so on. In order to get the absolute standard of action, use yoga bricks to help.

In yoga postures, some movements require full stretching of arms or touching the ground under the waist. Yoga bricks can help to stretch the muscles; hands can be held up to yoga bricks in a touch position such as triangular stretching. In doing the back bending of the spine, use yoga bricks to support the body, can reduce the probability of injury, on the basis of safety, do each action in place, and then strengthen the body shaping effect; Or in heroic sittings, Vajra can borrow yoga bricks if the calves are not soft enough to be completed correctly.


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