Fitness Equipment Rowing Brief

- Aug 04, 2016 -

Simple training equipment, likely to cause physical strength, endurance, muscular degree of one-sided development, to the neglect of reaction, speed, coordination, so usually in addition to conventional training equipment, you must also add the necessary auxiliary exercises (such as ball games , martial arts, aerobics, street dance, boxing, dance, etc.), the body holistic development.

When "Boating" Every body flexion and extension movements, each paddle of arm stroke, so that about 90% of the extensor involved in sports, so it usually does not participate in the extensor almost any action, it is really endless benefits. Rowing for exercise back muscles have a significant effect, so back in the body after body flexion and extension activities which give the maximum range, while the effective activity of each joint of the spine, not only enhance the flexibility, but also increased the toughness. Exercise "rowing", pay attention to continuity of the action, each kicking action do not come to a halt. Rowing during the action must be in place, the range is too small, the muscles involved in the movement could not be fully extended and contracted.

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