Adjustable Durable PVC Jump Rope For Fitness

The Adjustable durable PVC Jump Rope are for all heights.The length can be adjusted.

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1.Adjustable PVC Jump Rope for all heights,length can be adjusted.

2.GETS BODIES ACTIVE AND STAYING FIT. If you are planning to start working out and jumping rope yourself or you are looking at this as a gift for someone in your life that you care about, nothing can be better than this rope.

3.Durable PVC Jump Rope construction.Great jump rope for kids and adult - well suited to cardio and agility training - Boxers love this jumprope.

OKF{I~IN9447~X`N9FK[@GL.png Product Details








As one of the leading and experienced adjustable durable pvc jump rope for fitness manufacturers and suppliers in China, AIFLEX specializes in manufacturing high quality adjustable durable pvc jump rope for fitness in accordance to your requirements. Various sizes and colors are also available, welcome to place an order.