• Weighted Vest With Removable Weights

    Weighted Vest With Removable Weights

    This Adjustable Weighted Vest is made by heavy duty nylon material. It is short thus people feel more comfortable while wearing this and doing exercise.

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  • Hand Squeezer

    Hand Squeezer

    The hand Squeezer can be used for hand exercises.It can improve Hand, Wrist, Forearem and Finger Strength.It fits for all hand sizes since the TPR material have elastic function.

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  • Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights

    Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights

    This Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights are ideal for rehab and improving lower body strength. This Ankle Weights/Wrist Weights are weight adjustable.

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  • 3 Level Hand Strengthener Exercise Grip Rings

    3 Level Hand Strengthener Exercise Grip Rings

    The silicone hand grip can be used for crushing, pinching and even extension, with equally amazing results, which includes 30lb, 40lb ,50lb hand grippers.

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  • Hand Weights

    Hand Weights

    This Hand Weights has an adjustable, form-fitting design that provides ultimate comfort, while increasing power, speed and agility.

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  • Weighted Vest With Fixed Weights

    Weighted Vest With Fixed Weights

    This Weighted Vest is perfect for adding light resistance to a walk or workout. The cute design ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

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  • Hand Exerciser

    Hand Exerciser

    This Hand Renewalexercise squeeze balls will strengthen and rehab hands, wrists amp; forearms. These round squeeze balls will aid in the prevention of stiffness. It comes in three progressive levels to advance with the exercise routine.

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